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Why Single and Fixed Gear bikes? "No-nonsense approach to cycling" - If your reading this your probably a cyclist and you probably own at least 1 - 2 bikes or 7 to 10 if you're like us.. and inevitably owning many bikes gets expensive and messy. We've had frustrations in the past with parts failing, frames giving way and a few broken and smashed shins. It was our obligation to do something positive for the cycling world!


It was time to scratch our itch and create bikes that could be ridden and ridden and yes ridden hard. The beauty of 'owning' a single speed bike is its simplicity and honesty of it. The silence and rawness hits you each and every time you ride.  We love the no excuses no-nonsense mindset that it takes to ride single speed. 


Riding is our life, we live and breathe bicycles; we've built bikes that will give you 100% confidence each and every time you ride. 


For years we have cycled the world in search of the ultimate bike, the 'Mercedes of bicycles.  A bike that understands its rider and handles the terrain, any surface with ease.  Built with quality materials for an authentic riding experience. 


Justice Tech Bike Co.


With over 20 years of passion and experience in the bike industry, we have built the ultimate riding machine, Justice. Bikes built around quality and experience, designed for serious adventurers and enthusiasts that want a good looking bike with a serious attitude.


Our Goals: Innovation and creation and development. Without the markup. 













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- Custom Frame Building

- Track Bikes

- Servicing

- Bike fitting

- Single Speed and Fixed Gear

- Fabrication 

- Design and creation

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